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Loneliness And Social Isolation Are Just As Deadly As Obesity, Study Finds

Social media—from Facebook to Twitter—have made us more densely networked than ever. Yet for all this connectivity, a growing body of research suggests that we have never been lonelier —and that this loneliness is making us mentally and physically ill. Now, a new study indicates that the health effects of loneliness and social isolation may … Continue reading

Scientists Are Working On A Single Injection That Could Stop Diabetes

Current drugs for regulating blood sugar in type 2 diabetes – which occurs when the body becomes desensitized to insulin – come with the risk that blood sugar levels drop too low. Now in a study of mice with the equivalent of type 2 diabetes, researchers were surprised to find just one injection of the … Continue reading

STUDY: Severe Obesity Shortens Lifespan As Much As Smoking

People who are severely obese may lose as many as 14 years off their life, a new study suggests. Researchers pooled data from 20 previous published studies and found that a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 — classified as severe obesity — raises the odds of dying early from heart disease, cancer, and … Continue reading

Study Links High Cholesterol To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer

A new study recently presented at the Frontiers in Cardiovascular Biology meeting in Barcelona, Spain, suggests that women who have high cholesterol may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer. The research team, led by Dr. Rahul Potluri of the Algorithm for Comorbidities, Associations, Length of Stay and Mortality (ACALM) Study Unit at Aston … Continue reading

Picking Up Healthy Habits In Your 30’s And 40’s Can Slash Your Risk Of Disease

The heart is more forgiving than you may think – especially to adults who try to take charge of their health, a new study has found. When adults in their 30s and 40s decide to drop unhealthy habits that are harmful to their heart and embrace healthy lifestyle changes, they can control and potentially even … Continue reading

CDC: Half Of All American Adults Have A Chronic Disease

Half of all adults in the US have at least one chronic condition, such as diabetes, heart disease or obesity, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in The Lancet. The paper – part of a new series in the journal, ‘The Health of Americans’ – says the proportion … Continue reading

Current BMI Measurement May Be Missing 25 Percent Of Childhood Obesity

    Physicians using body mass index (BMI) to diagnose children as obese may be missing 25 percent of kids who have excess body fat despite a normal BMI, which can be a serious concern for long-term health, according to a new Mayo Clinic study published in Pediatric Obesity. The researchers found that BMI has high … Continue reading

Stress During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk Of Obesity In Offspring

Unborn children that are exposed to excess levels of stress while in the womb are at a higher risk of obesity as adults, a new study finds. This is shown by a new study from Aarhus University published in the journal PloS ONE. The researchers have previously shown that severe stress experienced by pregnant women can … Continue reading

Dr. Oz Grilled By Congress, Admits Weight Loss Products He Touts Don’t Pass ‘Scientific Muster’

Under pressure from Congress, celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday offered to help “drain the swamp” of unscrupulous marketers using his name to peddle so-called miracle pills and cure-alls to millions of Americans desperate to lose weight. Oz appeared before the Senate’s consumer protection panel and was scolded by Chairman Claire McCaskill for claims he … Continue reading

Why Gender-Specific Research Matters: The Case Of Heart Disease

The American Heart Association have published a new statement emphasizing that it is because of gender-specific research that diagnosis of coronary heart disease in women has become more accurate. Coronary heart disease (also known as ischemic heart disease) happens when blood flow to the heart is decreased. This decreased blood flow is usually caused by … Continue reading

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