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5 Simple Strategies To Reduce Teen Pregnancies That Worked In This Rural South Carolina Town

Think Progress — Denmark, South Carolina — a small town with a population of just over 3,500 — used to have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. But over the past three decades, the rural and largely impoverished community has successfully reduced its teen pregnancy rate by more than two thirds. In … Continue reading

Dear Congress: Family Planning Needs More Funding

The Affordable Care Act represents an historic investment in the health of American women and girls. It has already improved the lives of millions of Americans and will make health care accessible for many more as rollout continues. Fulfilling the promise of the ACA, however, depends on the continued support of existing programs, such as … Continue reading

Faced With Rising STD Rates, Louisiana Lawmaker Makes Strong Push For Comprehensive Sex Ed

Think Progress —   Louisiana Rep. Patricia Smith (D) is pushing for mandatory sexual education instruction in her state’s public schools, pointing out that children aren’t being adequately prepared to make healthy sexual choices. Smith has introduced House Bill 369 to amend the current state law to require every public school to provide age-appropriate sex ed, including information about FDA-approved … Continue reading

By Withholding The Medicaid Expansion, Republicans Will Keep The Unintended Pregnancy Rate High

By Withholding The Medicaid Expansion, Republicans Will Keep The Unintended Pregnancy Rate High Reproductive Health Reality Check —  Getting the unintended pregnancy and teen pregnancy rates as low as possible: What once seemed a far away, nearly impossible goal for the reproductive rights movement has, in recent decades, slowly started to become a lived reality … Continue reading

Yet Another Study Proves That Giving Teens Access To Information And Services Does Not Lead To Sexual Risk-Taking

Young women who are vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) do not engage in riskier sexual behavior as a result, finds a new study in Pediatrics by Allison Mayhew from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and colleagues. HPV is the most common STI in the United States and the principal cause of cervical cancer. These findings yet … Continue reading

Study: One-Third Of Teens Do Not Discuss Sexual Health With Physicians

Study: One-Third Of Teens Do Not Discuss Sexual Health With Physicians Medical News Today – It is understandable that some teenagers may find it difficult to talk to their doctors about sexual health. But new research suggests that around one-third of adolescents who have annual visits with their physicians do not have conversations about sex or … Continue reading

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