Republican War On Women

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STUDY: Up To 240,000 Texas Women Have Resorted To Self-Induced Abortion As Anti-Choice Laws Force Clinic Closures

With the massive increase in state level anti-abortion laws over the past five years, women’s access to safe and legal abortion care has become severely limited across large swaths of the country. This is especially true in Texas, where a series of restrictive anti-abortion measures have forced more than half of the state’s 41 abortion … Continue reading

Ben Carson Compares Abortion To Slavery, Says Women Are Like Slave Owners

Dr. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon-turned-anti-establishment Republican presidential contender, compared abortion to slavery in an interview on Sunday, saying that he would “love” to see abortion outlawed with no exceptions made for women who are victims of rape or incest. Insisting that he is a “reasonable person,” Carson went on to lay out a number of … Continue reading

GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Supports Denying Abortion To Child Rape Victim

GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on Sunday expressed his support for the decision to deny an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim in Paraguay, saying that while what happened was a “terrible tragedy,” it is best not to “compound the tragedy by taking another life.” In an appearance on CNN’s “State … Continue reading

Jeb Bush Doesn’t Take Women’s Health Seriously. That’s Why We Shouldn’t Take Him Seriously As A Candidate

Jeb Bush said earlier this week that not only does he want to shut down Planned Parenthood, but that he is “not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues” at all. Ah, yes. “Women’s issues.” What a trivial distraction from the real issues facing America. When women and men started pointing … Continue reading

GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Won’t Rule Out Using Troops To Stop Abortion

Taking the Republican war on women to a startling new extreme, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said this week that he is open to the idea of deploying federal troops and the FBI to stop women from having abortions. At a series of campaign events across Iowa, the former Arkansas governor said he would violate … Continue reading

New Study Sheds Light On Dangers Of Anti-Choice Laws For Victims Of Abuse

Being in abusive relationships makes women use contraception less often, a new, large meta-analysis of previous studies finds. When they do use contraception, they’re likely not to choose condoms. The finding could explain why women in abusive relationships are more likely to get abortions and to contract HIV, which previous studies have documented. HIV prevention … Continue reading

GOP Lawmaker: New Abortion Restrictions Would ‘Have A Few More Little Taxpayers Born’

Defending a new abortion-related bill introduced in the North Carolina State House this week, one of the bill’s co-sponsors said that a positive byproduct of the restrictions would be “a few more little taxpayers born.” WRAL reported Wednesday that House Bill 465 would triple the state’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions to 72 hours and … Continue reading

BREAKING: Supreme Court Blocks Part Of Texas’ Harsh Abortion Law, Allowing Clinics To Stay Open (For Now)

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday evening issued an injunction blocking vital components of a 2013 anti-abortion law that had closed down all but seven legal abortion clinics in Texas, the second-largest state in the country. That measure, which was unsuccessfully filibustered by Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, requires that abortion clinics make costly renovations … Continue reading

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Says GOP Is Forcing Abortion Clinics To Close Out Of “Compassion”

  Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday dismissed questions regarding a devastating federal appeals court decision last week that will close all but eight abortion clinics in Texas, saying abortion isn’t an issue that will be on voters’ minds in the midterm elections.  Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” opened the conversation on … Continue reading

Women’s Health Advocates Warn Of ‘Urgent’ Situation In Texas After 13 Abortion Clinics Close Overnight

Thirteen abortion clinics shut down in Texas overnight after a federal appeals court decided to allow a strict new anti-abortion law to go into effect. The closures left only seven abortion providers in Texas, and all are concentrated in urban areas. Abortion providers are now scrambling to inform women that their appointments were canceled for … Continue reading

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