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The Science Of Weight Loss: When It Comes To Exercise, More May Not Be Better

More might be less when it comes to exercise, according to a new study that shows there is a limit to how many calories we can burn through physical activity. The study, published in the journal Current Biology, found that our bodies stop burning extra calories beyond a certain threshold of activity, providing a scientific … Continue reading

Cutting Sugar Can Dramatically Improve Children’s Health In Just Days

Cutting most of the sugar from a child’s diet can rapidly and dramatically improve health, even without reducing calorie consumption or losing weight, a new study suggests. Researchers put a group of 43 obese kids and teens on a nine-day diet that severely restricted sugar intake, but replaced added sugars with starchy foods to maintain … Continue reading

Weight Of The Nation: A Look At The Most (And Least) Obese States In America

Overweight and obesity have become the new normal in the United States, according to Monday’s “State of Obesity” report. Though only five states saw increases in adult obesity last year, researchers noted little overall improvement in the nation’s weight crisis: The average American adult is 24 pounds heavier than in 1980, when obesity rates were … Continue reading

Shocking Number Of Americans Have Diabetes Or Pre-Diabetes

About half of American adults have either diabetes or prediabetes, a new study finds, highlighting the growing burden of chronic disease in the U.S. population. The research, published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that up to 14 percent of adults had type 2 diabetes in 2011-2012, and about 38 percent … Continue reading

Your Heart Is Probably Much Older Than You Are, CDC Warns

You may feel young at heart, but chances are your actual heart is much “older” than your real age, according to new research. In a report published today, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 3 out of 4 adults in the United States have a predicted “heart age” older than … Continue reading

STUDY: Fat Deposits In Brain May Accelerate Progression Of Alzheimer’s Disease

In a major breakthrough in our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have discovered that fatty acid deposits in the brain may contribute significantly to the development and progression of the devastating neurological disease. The findings, published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, support the theory that Alzheimer’s disease is a metabolic brain disease similar to … Continue reading

Low Fat Vs. Low Carb Diets: Which Is Better For Losing Body Fat?

The battle between low-fat and low-carb diets has been a long one. For years, nutritionists have debated this issue, with some arguing that a low-fat diet is the way to go, while others insisting that a diet with restricted carbohydrates is better. With each academic study on the subject, public sentiment seemed to sway one … Continue reading

Scientists: Everything You Know About The Paleo Diet Is Wrong

The Paleo diet has gained a huge following with its seemingly straightforward logic that what was good for our metabolisms as we evolved is likely to be good for us today. High in meat, fish and vegetables, the diet largely excludes dairy and grains or anything else that emerged in the agricultural evolution, arguing that … Continue reading

How Diabetes Wreaks Havoc On Your Brain

  A growing body of research indicates that diabetes can take as devastating a toll on the brain as it takes on the body. Now, a new study published this week in the journal Neurology shows that people with type 2 diabetes demonstrate a decline in cognitive skills and ability to perform daily activities over … Continue reading

Study Finds Weight-Loss Surgery Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

A new study suggests that weight-loss surgery combined with low-level lifestyle interventions may be a more effective way to treat diabetes in obese patients than lifestyle interventions alone. In some patients, the surgery can even lead to a complete reversal of diabetes, the researchers reported this week in JAMA Surgery. Excess weight is the primary … Continue reading

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