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Good News For Obamacare: 2016 Enrollment Numbers Exceed Hopes

The Department of Health and Human Services just released the 2016 enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act, and the results are good news for supporters of the President’s signature health care law: the third enrollment season brought in nearly 13 million sign-ups for Obamacare, exceeding the government’s goals for enrollment and beating last year’s … Continue reading

People Like Obamacare Coverage More Than Traditional Plans, Study Finds

People who purchased coverage through Obamacare are more satisfied with their plans than those with other types of insurance, according to a new national survey. Overall, Obamacare enrollees rated their satisfaction over the last year at 696 out of 1,000, compared to the 679-point rating by those with employer-based plans, the results showed. The survey, … Continue reading

Obamacare Has Already Dramatically Improved Diabetes Detection: Here’s Why That’s So Important

The Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion has dramatically improved diabetes detection rates, according to a new study published in the journal Diabetes Care, which provides some of the strongest evidence of the law’s effectiveness to date. The study, released to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, found a 23 percent increase … Continue reading

New Report Shows Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Is Leading To Job Growth (In States That Accepted It)

States that agreed to expand coverage of Medicaid to more Americans under the Affordable Care Act are seeing “substantially faster growth” in job creation than states that have rejected the expansion, according to a new report. One of the goals of the Affordable Care Act, aka ‘Obamacare’, is to increase insurance coverage by, among other … Continue reading

Obamacare Enrollment Soars To 11.4 Million

The Obama administration has beaten its own goal for Obamacare enrollments, which exceeded 11 million through Sunday’s deadline for most U.S. residents to choose a health insurance plan, the White House announced Tuesday. In a video posted to Facebook, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell informs President Barack Obama of preliminary estimates of … Continue reading

New Study Confirms More Than 10 Million Americans Gained Insurance Coverage Under Obamacare — But Will Republicans Take It Away?

  The Obama Administration can add one more study to the list of those showing the law’s massive impact on the uninsured — according to a new report published on Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, the number of Americans that have no health insurance dropped by 10.3 million thanks to the health … Continue reading

New Research Shows Anti-Obamacare Ads May Have Backfired In A Big Way

Millions of dollars in conservative ads against Obamacare might have backfired and actually boosted enrollment in key states, according to a new study.  A fellow with the Brookings Institution found a positive association between spending on anti-Obamacare ads and enrollment in health plans under the law. He published these findings on Wednesday. Brookings fellow Niam Yaraghi, … Continue reading

Surprise! Republicans Actually Like Obamacare, New Study Finds

  Despite investing millions of dollars in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, Republicans appear to have had little success in turning Americans against the law. In fact, according to a new poll from the Commonwealth Fund, individuals and families who enroll in Obamacare — including the overwhelming majority of Republicans — are satisfied with … Continue reading

Affordable Care Act Is Achieving Major Goals, New Report Shows

The Affordable Care Act has been successful at achieving some major goals in the first year of its full implementation, according to a new study from The Commonwealth Fund. There are three important findings from the study: The uninsured rate is dropping, most people like their new insurance plans (even Republicans!), and most people are … Continue reading

Affordable Care Act Drives Uninsured Rate To Lowest On Record

New polling by Gallup shows that the uninsured rate has plunged to a historic low, thanks to the Affordable Care Act’s effort to expand coverage to more Americans. By the end of June, the percentage of Americans without health insurance had dropped to 13.4 percent — the lowest-ever rate recorded by Gallup in more than … Continue reading

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