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STUDY: Domestic Violence During Pregnancy Doubles The Risk Of Preterm Birth

Women who experience any form of domestic violence during pregnancy are twice as likely to give birth to a premature baby or a baby with low birth weight, according to a new meta-analysis that adds to the evidence linking intimate partner violence to a range of adverse health consequences. Researchers from the University of Iowa … Continue reading

Study Links Maternal Obesity, Diabetes To Increased Autism Risk In Kids

While diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder have increased in recent years, the factors behind this rise remain relatively mysterious and even controversial. However, a growing line of research suggests that many of the risk factors for the condition emerge long before birth. Now, a major study from Johns Hopkins University has found that maternal obesity … Continue reading

How Poverty Makes Children’s Brains More Susceptible To Depression

Stark and rising socioeconomic inequalities plague many countries, including the United States, and politicians, economists, and—fortunately—scientists, are debating its causes and solutions. But the effects of inequality’s may go beyond simple access to opportunity: a new study finds that socioeconomic disadvantage can actually induce permanent changes in brain connectivity that put poor children at higher … Continue reading

Reading Self-Help Books Can Leave You Feeling Worse, Study Shows

Turning to self-help books for guidance might seem like a good idea when you’re feeling down about life. But a new study new suggests it probably won’t make you feel a whole lot better — and it could even leave you feeling worse. The research, conducted by a team of psychologists at the University of … Continue reading

The FDA Just Made It Easier To Prevent Heroin Overdose Deaths

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it had approved a nasal-spray version of naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of a heroin overdose. The new version will make it easier to administer and less intimidating than the previously approved injectable form. Sold under the brand name Narcan, the drug has been … Continue reading

“Body Integrity Identity Disorder”: The Bizarre Condition That Drove A Woman To Blind Herself With Drain Cleaner

A North Carolina woman has purposely blinded herself with the help of a psychologist due to a rare condition that causes a person to long  to be disabled, according to the Huffington Post. Jewel Shuping, 30, had her psychologist pour drain cleaner in her eyes and over the course of several months, she fulfilled a … Continue reading

How Stress Can Raise Your Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s

Chronic stress has been shown to increase the risk of a number of negative health outcomes, including heart disease, cancer and dementia. The means by which stress contributes to the development of these conditions, however, aren’t as clear. But now, researchers from the University of Florida may have an answer to the question of how … Continue reading

This Simple Strategy Could Prevent Suicide In Bullied Teens

We already know that physical education and athletic programs in schools are an important way to promote student fitness and fight childhood obesity. But all that moving around may also confer significant mental health benefits, according to a new study that shows regular exercise may help buffer bullied teens against suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Using … Continue reading

CVS Is Making It Easier To Access A Lifesaving Anti-Overdose Drug Without A Prescription

CVS pharmacy on Wednesday expanded a program that allows people to buy the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone—also known as Narcan—without a prescription at its pharmacies in a total of 14 states, in an effort to help combat the heroin and prescription drug epidemic that claims more than 20,000 lives each year to accidental overdoses. … Continue reading

Study Shows 96% Of Former NFL Players Have Degenerative Brain Disease

Player safety concerns have shaken the National Football League in recent years as a growing body of evidence has linked head injuries suffered on the field with major long-term health issues. Even with new rules aimed at reducing the risk of serious head trauma, injuries are still commonplace: It’s only a few weeks into the … Continue reading

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