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Maternal Mortality Rates Drop Worldwide, Except In The United States

While maternal mortality rates across the world have fallen by nearly 50% over the last 25 years, rates in the United States have risen during that same time period, according to a new global survey published Thursday by the United Nations and World Bank. Maternal mortality is defined as the death of a woman during … Continue reading

Startling New Research Shows Racial Disparities In Breast Cancer Are Getting Worse

Racial disparities have a profound impact on breast cancer outcomes in the United States, and a new report by the American Cancer Society shows the problem is only getting worse. For the first time ever, black women are getting breast cancer at the same rate as their white counterparts, the report says. The incidence of … Continue reading

A Breakdown Of The UN’s 17 New Goals To Improve The World

This weekend, more than 150 world leaders gathered at UN headquarters to formally adopt the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of benchmarks for the next 15 years that focus on the ambitious targets of ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality, and tackling climate change. The 17 newly-adopted SDGs will replace the list of eight … Continue reading

45 Eye-Opening Facts About Extreme Poverty

More than 1 billion people across the globe are forced to live on a daily budget of less than $1.25. This must cover all of their basic needs including food, medicine and shelter — not to mention their children’s needs. The World Bank defines this stark reality as the “extreme poverty” rate, and every day people around … Continue reading

New Report On Obamacare Enrollees Undermines Key Republican Claim

The Obama administration on Thursday revealed at last how many people have paid for their new “Obamacare” plans on the national and state health insurance exchanges: 7.3 million. Since President Barack Obama announced in April that sign-ups on the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces had surpassed 8 million, skeptics — namely, Congressional Republicans — have … Continue reading

Thanks, Obamacare! Uninsured Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since 1990’s

Another day, another survey showing that the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is beginning to cure America’s uninsured problem. The latest numbers come from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which polled more than 27,000 people during the first three months of the year. Forty-one million U.S. residents, or 13.1 percent, were uninsured during … Continue reading

Unequal Access: Health Care For Americans With Disabilities Is Plagued By Racial Disparities, New Research Shows

It’s well established that Americans with disabilities and those in underserved racial/ethnic groups face significant disparities in access to health care. Now, researchers are beginning to examine the unique patterns of health care inequalities experienced by racially and ethnically diverse patients with disabilities, according to a special October supplement to the journal Medical Care. “This … Continue reading

Reproductive Rights Advocates Dismiss GOP Birth Control Proposal As “Empty Gesture” To Woo Women Voters

Women’s health advocates and several Republican candidates for Senate may have finally found something they apparently agree on: that birth control pills should be available over the counter. But the nation’s leading provider of reproductive health care services is warning voters not to trust the candidates’ sudden show of support for the policy, calling it … Continue reading

‘Ethnoburbs’: The Public Health Impact Of Segregation In Suburbia

White flight does not end when residents move from poor urban neighborhoods to the suburbs. An Indiana University study found that white flight from one suburban neighborhood to another occurs when white residents move away from “ethnoburbs,” suburban neighborhoods that attract a growing number of middle-class minority residents. “The sheer force of immigration and suburbanization … Continue reading

Tennessee Mother Becomes First Woman Punished By Law Targeting Pregnant Drug Addicts

A 26-year-old Tennessee woman has become the first mother to be charged under a state law that criminalizes all drug use by pregnant women. Mallory Loyola was arrested and charged Tuesday with simple assault after she and the baby girl she gave birth to on July 6 both tested positive for meth, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office confirmed … Continue reading

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