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5 F*cked Up Facts About The Confederate Flag

Racism_Kids Video

These kids are fed up with racism, and they’re taking on defenders of the Confederate flag in the best way ever: by sharing historical facts about all the horrible stuff it represents.

In a video posted to YouTube Tuesday, a group of young boys and girls get together to express their dismay “with this whitewashing of America’s dark past,” referring to the startling number of Americans who still deny the flag’s inherent racism.

FCKH8, the clothing company behind the video, describes itself as an organization with “an activist heart and a passionate social change mission.” Last year, it released a video with little girls in princess dresses dropping f-bombs while protesting sexism.

This time around, the company got kids to use colorful language to debunk the idea that the Confederate flag isn’t a racist symbol, pointing out that the Vice President of the Confederacy, Andrew H. Stephens, proudly declared in 1861 “that the Confederate government is based on ‘the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man.'”

Racism_Kids Video 3

“An earlier version of the flag had a white background, which the designer said represented, and I quote, ‘The supremacy of the white man,’” the kids say, mocking those who ignore these facts and continue to herald the flag as a symbol of pride.

“I’m not O-KKK with that,” they say, adding: “If we’re having this much trouble getting rid of a symbol of racism, we are in deep s**t getting rid of real racism.”

A white man wearing a camouflage hat with a Confederate flag on it appears throughout the video to defend the symbol. But by the end of the video he seems convinced that it is racist, and removes it from his hat.

One of the kids said it best: “Flying this f**king flag is not flying with us.”

For more f*ucked up facts about the Confederate flag, watch the video below:



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