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Infographic: How The Affordable Care Act Is Helping Women



The benefits of the Affordable Care Act are already helping millions of Americans gain access to affordable, high-quality health care. Even for those who didn’t purchase new insurance under the ACA, many of the provisions in the health care law still apply. For example, new consumer protections prevent your insurance company from denying you coverage or charging you more for having a preexisting condition such as asthma, migraines, or being a woman.

Yes, you read that right. Before the ACA, insurance companies could — and did — discriminate against women based on their gender. But thanks to the new health care law, women can no longer be charged more for coverage simply for not being men. 

Millions of women are already reaping the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. A recent report found that the ACA’s contraceptive coverage has already saved women $483 million on out-of-pocket costs for birth control. Additionally, more prescriptions for birth control were filled in the year after the contraceptive mandate went into effect than in previous years, indicating that the ACA is not only reducing the cost of birth control, but also increasing the number of women who have access to birth control.

But those are only some of the benefits. Check out this new infographic from the Center for American Progress, which shows how many women the Affordable Care Act is already helping:



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