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Koch Brothers Group Abandons Anti-Obamacare Ads After Fact-Checkers Prove Them False


The Koch brothers-funded Americans For Prosperity are still railing against Obamacare.  But their new ads are toned down, which could be a result of the backlash against their older, misleading ads slamming President Obama’s healthcare legislation.

Americans For Prosperity is a leading conservative group that spends millions of dollars attacking liberals.  They’ve taken up the fight against Obamacare, and have funded TV advertisements against Democratic senators.

As Talking Points Memo’s Dylan Scott reports, the new ads from the group–shown in Colorado and Louisiana–are noticeably different than the older ads.  They’re much more general, as opposed to specific personal stories that can be fact-checked.

The older advertisements shown in Michigan were panned for errors. As Scott writes, “that ad told the story of a cancer patient who had her plan canceled because of Obamacare. But the spot didn’t mention that the subject would save at least $1,200 for a new health plan under the law.” You can read more about that scandal here.

Another of AFP’s media buys were criticized as misleading by the Washington Post.

We also recently found out that the Koch-backed group was paying hired actors to appear in anti-Obamacare attack ads in several states around the country.

Obamacare opponents have already run more than 30,000 television ads attacking the health law and Democratic candidates who support it, according to the media tracking group CMAG — a staggering 12-fold increase from four years ago. AFP has run the most anti-Obamacare ads of any political group by a large margin, targeting vulnerable Democrats who are up for re-election, such as Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA).

While they may be backing away from this strategy, they are certainly not abandoning their attack on Obamacare. AFP and other outside political groups have already spent record amounts of money to deny health care to Americans, and there is no sign of letting up any time soon.


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