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Behind The Numbers: Americans Share How Obamacare Helped Them

Behind The Numbers: Americans Share How Obamacare Helped Them

Earlier this month the Dept. of Health and Human Services released the second report on the Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment figures. As you’ll see, they show significant growth from October, and reflect the hard work that the tech team has been putting in to fix the problems with HealthCare.gov.

But the numbers only show part of the story. Americans are enrolling in affordable, dependable health coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

As Emily, a recent enrollee puts it:

“[Coverage beginning] means a whole lot to me. It means I get to see a doctor for the first time in a long while. When I was finally able to enroll, I actually wept.  I took a screenshot so I would never forget the moment.”

By making it easier for Americans to pursue their careers knowing they have the security of health coverage and providing peace of mind to folks who were previously locked out of the individual market due to pre-existing conditions, the Marketplace is impacting millions of Americans. Here are some of their stories:

  • Molly, a 23-year old in Virginia, was left without insurance after her father lost his job and the health insurance plan that was supporting his family. After checking out her options on HealthCare.gov, she picked a plan that included full health and dental coverage for just $76 a month. With affordable coverage, Molly can spend more of her time pursuing her passion – a career in writing.
  • Diane, a lawyer in her early 30s in Michigan, went without health coverage for 6 years because a pre-existing condition made purchasing coverage on the individual marketplace nearly impossible. Thanks to a $175 a month bronze plan through HealthCare.gov, she’ll be able to get the treatment she needs.
  • Mick, a student in Florida who works a part time job, received tax credits and was able to purchase a silver plan for just $47 a month. He’s already paid his first months’ premium, and “because it was so easy,” decided to sign up for a $15 a month dental plan, too.
  • Emily, a 28-year-old student in Tennessee, hasn’t had health coverage since spring of 2011. Suffering from both asthma and endometriosis, Emily says that finding coverage at a price that she could afford was difficult. Thanks to HealthCare.gov and tax credits, Emily will pay $150 a month for a gold plan.

Click here to read more stories of Americans who are enrolling in the Marketplace.

There are 4 basic ways consumers can apply for and enroll in Marketplace coverage: Online at HealthCare.gov; Over the phone by calling the 24/7 customer service center (1-800-318-2596, TTY 1-855-889-4325); Working with a trained person in your local community (Find Local Help); or by submitting a paper application through the call center or downloading a copy at marketplace.cms.gov.

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