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The 20 Best Affordable Care Act Infographics






This collection of 20 infographics covers a wide range of topics related to the Affordable Care Act, including women’s health, insurance premiums, small businesses and employer-provided health insurance, Medicaid expansions, health care costs in America, and health insurance needs of young adults. Enjoy!

Affordable Care Act: The Basics


Insurance Premiums Under The Affordable Care Act: How Costs are Calculated

How-does-ACA-impact-premiums-infographic-small copy

How the ACA Supports Women’s Health Needs


The Need for Affordable Health Insurance: Addressing Disparities in Insurance Coverage

commonwealth_health_disparities L

How the Affordable Care Act Improves Women’s Health


The Affordable Care Act: Covering Uninsured Americans

Affordable Care Act Uninsured

How the Affordable Care Act Helps Small Businesses & Their Employeessmall_biz_full

Addressing Urgent Needs: How the ACA Improves Health Care by Increasing Affordability


Rising Health Care Costs: How the ACA Stops a Harmful Trend 


Small Business Owners: What the ACA Does For You

Nebraska_sm_business_graphic_correction_Fund v 9

How Will YOU Benefit From the ACA?

Nebraska_Uninsured_color_Fund site

The Need for Affordable Care: The Shocking Price of Health Care in America


A Divided Nation: How the ACA Makes Health Insurance Available to ALL Americans


Young Adults: Yes, WE DO Want Health Insurance!

Collins_Young Adults_graphic sm

Why the ACA Is an Effective Strategy for Slowing Health Care Spending Growth


Judging the Success of the ACA: What to Look For


Bridging the Gap: How the ACA Improves Health Equity

lowincome_scorecard Infographic

Public Support for Medicaid Expansions under the ACA


How 17 Republican-Governed States Are Harming the Health of their Residents

States Hinder Consumers_InfoGraphics

Women & The ACA: Improving Reproductive Health Care & Increasing the Affordability of Women’s Health Care

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